Psychology Practice Eos

Almost everyone knows the feeling of being depressed, anxious or tense. A lot of people notice the negative influence at work, school or in relationships. These problems can often disappear by talking to friends or relatives. Sometimes more help is needed. If certain problems do not disappear, you might consider contacting Eos psychologist practice.

My name is Daniëlle Groenewoud. I am registered as a mental health psychologist (GZ psycholoog). I have worked in the mental health industry since 2003, where treatment and diagnostics has been my primary focus. I work with individuals and couples from the age of 18 at my private practice at the Rokin in Amsterdam.

You can contact me by mail or phone to make an appointment. If I am busy you can leave a message and I will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for a intake. Before our first session I need you to fill in 2 forms, a application form and a symptom checklist. You can mail this form before our first appointment.

During this appointment (sometimes this will take two sessions) I will examine what is going on with you and give you my advice on how your problem can be best addressed.

Treatment consists partly of psycho-education. This means that we will discuss how certain problems may arise, how they are maintained and what you need to make these symptoms diminish or disappear. Practical exercises, both during sessions and at home will teach you to deal with issues in other ways. During the treatment specific psychological methods will be adressed, depending on the issue. Cognitive behavioural therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, EMDR and Emotionally Focuced Therapy are the main applied methods.

After completion of the treatment your general practitioner will receive (with your permission) a letter containing the results of the treatment.

Eos can help for a variety of complaints such as:

  • anxiety such as phobias or panic attacks
  • depression
  • low selfesteem
  • relationship issues
  • mourning or loss of a loved one, also a pet
  • unpleasant thoughts or feelings after experiencing a trauma
  • fear of animals
  • stress or burnout

Generally the treatment takes about 5 to 12 sessions.

Psychology practice Eos works in the Generalistic Mental Health (generalistische basis GGZ). This means the treatment is covered by the healthinsurance if you comply to requirements set by law. You need a referral from your general practitioner (huisarts) and there has to be a diagnosis according to the DSM-IVtr, although there are some exceptions. It is best to contact your healthinsurance if you have any questions.
Psychology practice Eos has a contract with Zilveren Kruis and it’s partners.  This means the bill is sent directly to them. If I don’t have a contract with the health insurance, the bill is send to you which you can sent to your health insurance. Contact your health insurance to find out how much is covered, you may have to pay a part yourself. At you can read more about the costs of the basis GGZ (unfortunately only in Dutch). Please be aware that my sessions aren’t covered by any budget health insurance. If you are in doubt, contact your health insurance.

If the sessions aren’t covered by your health insurance, you will receive an invoice that you can pay directly to psychology practice Eos.

  • OVP (Individual session): € 100,- per 60 minutes ( 45 minutes face to face and 15 minutes administration)

Signing up at Eos can be through referral from your GP or directly at the practice. You can register by phone or this website. After registration I will contact you as soon as possible. You can contact me on tuesday, thursday and friday.

My professional references can be found under BIG registration number 89909538125. I am a member of the Landelijke Vereniging van Vrijgevestigde Psychologen & Psychotherapeuten (LVVP) and the Dutch foundation of Emotionally Focused Therapy (stichting EFT).